Picture of Alisa

I started Everest Realty in 2009. It was a very unstable time with a lot of uncertainties for the future. However, with a lot of hard work and belief in providing quality of service to my clients and agents, as well as the support of my great team, I was able built the strong company that makes me proud.

I have been in Real Estate since 2003. I have been exposed to each and every kid of real estate aspect

  • Sales
  • Property Management
  • REO
  • Short Sales
  • Pre-acquisition Projects

Right now I am fully involved in my company management and brokerage. I am not competing with my agents at all. I am always easy to reach and answer your questions.

Before entering into RE Business in 2002, I've tried many other jobs in different industries; From graduating college as a geophysical engineer to a beauty business. All I can say is that Real Estate is my passion, and I have been very happy that I made the decision to become Real Estate Broker.

I would appreciate the opportunity to introduce my Company to you and express my eagerness to serve you.

I welcome you to ask for references and find out what our existing agents have to say about my company.